Monday, August 27, 2007

Walmart Woes

Ok, for the most part, I only go to Walmart when I have coupons that will either create overage or get me something for free. And since mine is pretty well trained by this point, I try my best not to go to Walmart in other towns. They just don't know how to take it when you hand them 200 coupons. Target? They are wonderful. CVS? I think I have a little love affair with them at this point. Walmart? Fagidaboudit.
So, I went to Walmart in the next town over during the weekend. Bad choice. I didn't really have that much stuff. I only had about 40 items or so. I chose to go to the garden center, because they were not busy, and the lines up front were stacked six deep. Another bad choice. I start putting my stuff up on the counter. She looks at me weird because I have only 3 different items, but lots of them. She rings them all up, then I hand her the coupons. She looks at the coupons, then looks at the product. She starts getting flustered because the coupons make the items free. " can't do this!" she said.
"Um....why not?" I asked
"Because we can't give you stuff for free," she snarkily replied.
"Yes, you can, because you have a coupon for the items," I explained.
So then she calls the Customer Service Desk. OK, I thought this desk was for CUSTOMERS not cashiers. The people working up there know about as much as she did. People in line were stacking up behind me quickly.
Another garden center worker walks up and says "Here let me have a coupon, so I can take it to a CSM to see what she says."
Then I tried to explain to the cashier that I do it at my Walmart all the time, and that it is what their policy says. She said "Do YOU work for Walmart?"
"No" I replied, and by this time I'm getting a little snippy. "I just use a lot of coupons, and I know the drill."
So then she starts reading the fine print, which is completely fine with me. I have no problems, since I know that the coupons are being used correctly. She said, "You did not get full size products."
"Yes, I know. The coupons do not exclude trials, which means it is acceptable," I replied. And then I snapped.
"Ya, know," I told her as I began to gather up my purse, "I don't have to do my business here. Just give me back my coupons and I will go elsewhere, without this hassle."
"But she still has your coupon! You can't leave yet," she replied.
"Sure I can, I have TONS of those, I don't need that coupon, if you can figure out how to use it, get yourself some soap." I replied and walked out.
I do not do business with stores who make it hard on me. There is no reason that I should spend my hard earned money, whether it be in coupons or in actual cash. I shop more than anyone I know, and I know what I am doing by this point in time. There are enough great deals out there to keep an honest person happy. I do not like being treated like I am cheating just because I know how to make it work out.
I am trying to do the best with what God blesses me with. However, I really don't think God intends for me to go through the 6th degree whenever I shop at a store like this. I realize that He puts obstacles in your path to teach you lessons in humility, patience and understanding. But, however, when someone just acts rude and incompetent, I just leave them standing there. I obviously have not yet gathered enough patience to deal with these kind of people. If I had just waited in line and been patient to begin with, I might have not had these problems.

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Stacey said...

I feel your pain when it comes to Walmart. I avoid that store at all costs, just because they always have issues with coupons. It is nice to know that I am not the only one!

I love your blog! I just found it a few days ago.