Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Making Room for Mamma

I am a stockpiler. I stockpile whatever I think I can make last. I do this through using coupons, and by this point in time I pretty much have it all figured out. I have learned how to get stuff for so cheap you would be amazed. I am one of those women you see on 20/20 that gets $200 worth of groceries for $15. So, pretty quickly we ran out of room.
It sounds kinda crazy, but we have so many items stockpiled that we could go MONTHS without buying anything except for eggs, cheese and milk. And I probably have enough cheese to go at least 3 months stuck back in the freezer. I do this because we have had lean times, very lean times, when we literally went weeks eating 20/$3 polish sausage, pancakes, 4/$1 macaroni and cheese and homemade bread. Even though these foods are all awesome to a point, you go 6 weeks eating pancakes EVERY DAY and you will very quickly despise them.
So now, we have a grocery store in our kitchen and laundry room. I started out with 6 kitchen cabinets and filled them quickly. Then we got a standing pantry, filled that in a couple of weeks. Next my darling husband (DH) took some scrap lumber and built another pantry in a nook that was unused. Well, that was empty for about 3 weeks. I have all this filled, plus a baker's rack and a standing shelf in the dining room. It is EVERYWHERE. And that is just the food.
So, we decided that we needed more room. And now, my DH is building me one! YAY. Floor to ceiling 8 foot long shelves. I think I will have them filled in less than a month. If it takes that long someone call a doctor! Since he is doing it himself, it will probably take about a week. I am betting this will just be for canned foods and paper products. However, I think we may need more space for other items, as well.
Being prepared for the bad times is one of the most important things I think I can do for my family. I really hope this space will allow me to do it with a little more sanity. Because right now my house looks like a stock room, and this is not good! However, I hope that soon we will be moving a little of it over to the new room. Hang around, I will put up pics as soon as it is finished!

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