Sunday, October 14, 2007

Emma Update

My darling granddaughter, Emma Hope, is coming right along beautifully! She is up to 2 pounds, 5 ounces and is 12 1/2 inches long. Her eyes are open, as you can see in the beautiful picture above. Isn't she lovely? She almost looks like she is smiling in this picture, I just love it!

All signs of infections seem to be at bay, and things are going amazingly well. Thank you all for your wonderful prayers!

We are still hoping that she will be able to come home sometime around Christmas, since she has 5 weeks down and 12 to go before she will be "full term". It is hard to believe that she is over a month old!


jennifer said...

What a precious wee one! I stumbled on this blog and I am glad I did. 12 years ago I had my baby 10 weeks early...the children that survived from 1995 had health issues. My daughter 12 is doing marvelous!

She does have weakened immune system, but she went from 13 inches almost 3 pounds to almost 5'0 and 77 pounds!!!

So keep up the daughter caught up by 2.5 years!!

Mrs. Smith said...

Bless the Lord! Sweet Emma just brought me to tears. How special she is!

I just got a thought. Will you be making a spot in her baby book for all the prayers and blessings on her behalf? Someday it will be so very special.