Sunday, December 2, 2007

Inspiration from a Friend

Recently I had lunch with my friend Meredith, who has a wonderful blog at Like Merchant Ships. I don't think she has quite realized how she has inspired me to change how I live. I usually just live cheap and it shows. Our home is not a showplace.
However, Meredith has really inspired me to take what I already own and turn it around to be a more beautiful place. I have linens and pretty dishes...I just never used them. They were put away in favor of paper plates (free with coupons of course), and clean top tables with no real decoration. I also have odd bits of furniture stuck in corners with no real purpose.
I have been trying to find ways to add elegance with what I already have so that my family feels more special everyday, and not just while company is here. I hate living in constant fear that someone will arrive unannounced -- I would rather have a home that people like to come to.
So this short blog is a thank you card -- of sorts -- to my friend Meredith, for all her wisdom and inspiration.


Momala said...


I agree with you about Meredith's blog. I have gained so much inspiration from her! You seem to be feeling the same way I have been feeling lately. I am really trying to make my home more of a haven for my family and more welcoming to others. And since we are currently having to really tighten our budget, it is going to be a challenge! I like your idea of using the pretty things that you already have. What a great post!

Melissa said...

What would we do without other Sister's in Christ?!

Excellent post and I'm sure Meredith is going to be blessed by your words.

Christmas Blessings,

Meredith said...

Yes, this was so humbling to read.

Thank you for the lovely compliment!