Friday, January 11, 2008

CVS Steals & Deals

Have I ever told ya'll that I love me some CVS? Well I do! I especially love my wonderfully friendly cashiers. I love the fact that they rush me towards the clearance deals, and my wonderful manager will even help me out if I buy all of something she is trying to get rid of, she will mark it down as low as she can. See why I love me some CVS?

Tonight -- I got a wonderful boost to my Christmas Clearance Challenge. I haven't been in there in a few days, and the cashier is glad to see me, then tells me to look in a certain spot. They apparently did not know that they were supposed to mark down the toys with the rest of the Christmas stuff. By the time they realized it yesterday, it was already down to 90% off. And they had TONS of stuff left, because it was not clearly marked that it was on clearance. She told me what was marked down, and then I went to town.

I got:
3 Remote Control Cars (with batteries!)
5 Barbie dolls (yep -- the real deal)
1 Pony Playset (think My Little Pony, only actually prettier)
5 buckets of sidewalk chalk (small but perfect for Easter baskets)
1 Elmo housekeeping playset
1 Mortal Kombat plug 'n play game
1 Hot Wheels Set
(oh...and 2 candy bars -- I had to have them to get my total right)
For......are you ready........ 25 cents!!!!
I used a $10 ECB (that I had built up in previous orders, starting from nothing)
I saved over $100. This was my best Christmas Clearance trip yet. Now almost all my toys are complete.

Next on my agenda? Old Navy for 75% off savings -- hoodies are only like $3, which will make great gifts for my kiddos next year. (Just look for ones without the year on them and you will be fine.)

Are you finding some good deals? Share! Maybe we can follow in your footsteps.

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Jen @ JenuineJen said...

Holy Cow! That is so awesome!!!! I am in awe of you!