Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy V-day to all my bloggy friends! I hope you find lots of love and snuggles.

I thought I would share my gift to my hubby for this year with you. Let's backtrack for a sec.....last summer, at the beginning of school, there were wonderful Post-It Note coupons out which made for hundreds of packs of free Post-Its. Among those wonderful freebies, I got packs of heart shaped ones. For my darling love of my life, I used an entire pack, yep 150 of them, and on each one I wrote a reason I loved him. Some silly, some serious. Well, make that 149...I saved one for the intro. I took the 149 reasons, and made a huge heart shape on our bedroom wall, where he will see it when he wakes up each morning, as long as he decides to leave it up. I took the 1 left over, and wrote "I love you because" and then I showed him into our room. He LOVED it! A huge hit. And, it helped me as well, because you have to search deep into your heart to find that many reasons to write down. It made me realize all the wonderful reasons I appreciate him.

Oh, and yes, I bought him chocolates, with ECBs of course!


Beth said...

What a great idea! 149 reasons! must have some guy!

Michie said...

That is a really cute idea. Did you take a picture of that big heart? I'd be scrapbooking it. :)

Donna said...

I am glad you had a wonderful day!