Tuesday, April 8, 2008

For My Peeps

Hello, my name is Gina. I am a Peepaholic. I have been addicted to their sugary-sweet squishiness for most of my life. This is not an addiction that I plan on quitting anytime soon, but I thought I would admit up to it all the same.

Thankfully, the people at Just Born have realized the plight of Peepaholics everywhere, and have began to treat us year round with some form of them, either stars, hearts, pumpkins, snowmen, and even clovers.

The beauty of this is, that since stores know their customers crave them, they stock their shelves with marshmallow armies. When the holiday has passed, the stores have to move them quickly, so off to clearance land they go -- which means a bargain shopper like me can find a great deal. There is nothing better than feeding an addiction, than to feed it at 90% off!

After buying ten packs of multicolored wonders, I began to think of other things I could do with them. They are, after all, just marshmallows with a little sugar sprinkled on top. So, with my head twirling of all the possibilities, I decided that I can use them just in any place that I would use regular marshmallows -- these just have a little more panache!

Pink bunnies in hot chocolate, green chicks make pretty pastel rice crispy treats, blue peanut butter funge, anyone? Getting a good deal is always on my list -- but finding a new use for something always works for me!

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K said...

The stars and snowmen and even the bunnies still don't quite have the same appeal to me as the peeps.

I just used the last of my peeps in micro s'mores. Yum. It is fun to watch their lil bodys bloat up in the microwave.

This is on my 'someday' list:


Lee said...

you're making me hungry.