Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Having a Ball

La-La has been invited to participate in a Debutante Ball. Is this still a true southern tradition? Until the last couple of years I had not heard of one in years. I'm not saying they don't still happen, but at least not in my social circles. But....we are not card carrying members of the Country Club.
So do girls actually still do this? I am not well-versed in this pomp and circumstance, so I am feeling a little like a duck outta water. I know it is for girls to "come out" socially, but girls seem to be out there enough on their own, without the formal ceremony.
Have any of you had girls to go through this? Did you do it yourself? Are the memories you receive from this worth it? Was it a good or bad experience?


Heather said...

Sounds exciting! Do they still have to wear white? I have a stunning black gown brand new?

Gina said...

Yes, the floor length white gown is still required. I think she has decided that it is not something she wants to do this year. She might decide to do it next year, who knows?