Tuesday, April 15, 2008

WFMW: Curtain Call

Sometimes in life we just need something new. New haircut, new shoes, new dishes. We just feel like a change, and anything different is a good option. It never fails, if I take a trip down the kitchen gadget aisle in Target and find a newfangled something-or-another, it instantly makes me want to go straight home and clean my kitchen top to bottom, including inside the refrigerator.

Luckily, though, today it was not me who was hankering for new-ness.It was my daughter, La-La. In all her 14-year-old glory, she decided she needed "something different". YEAH!

Quickly I threw on my frugal-hat and decided to finally do the project that I had been putting off. About a year ago, I bought a shredded duvet cover. It had beautiful fabric, that reminded me of a sari, but several of the seams were ripped open, and it needed quite a bit of repair. I bought it for $1, lugged it home and washed it, which made the seams shred even more. So, disgusted, I put it in my pile of fabric and left it alone.

Fast forward to today. I get home from work, and she had her urge. I finally decided to drag out that sari-inspired duvet. I cut it in half, along with one of the seams. I (by I, I mean La-La) set up the sewing machine, and then I set to mending the seams. Then, I turned it inside-out, and run a seam to enclose it like you would a pillow case. I left about six inches at the bottom to turn it out, then sewed it shut. After I closed it, I then made tabs at the top with some found-around-the-house ribbon, that matched very well. I put screws in the top of the molding and hung the loops of ribbon around the loops. (We did not have curtain rods, her previous curtains were up with thumb tacks -- bad, bad, bad, I know!)

So, for a measley $1, I got two beautiful curtains. The part that thrilled me the most is that she got a "new" look without leaving the house, spending a penny, and it was all done in less than 30 minutes. Works for me!

Run, don't walk, over to Rocks in My Dryer to see what the rest of the gang has to say on Works for Me Wednesday!


jimmy jackson said...
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Lindsay said...

What beautiful curtains! I hope to learn to do things like that for myself.

Karen said...

That's an awesome idea. I use "found" things all the time to decorate and sew with. Great job!

Anonymous said...

The curtain is beautiful! It's so fun when things work like that! :)

HRH said...

That is pretty cool. I always get so lazy about those type of projects, but they always turn out way better then going out and buying something...I am hoping to be inspired into action!

Sheree said...

You should go over to http://nestingplacenc.blogspot.com and check out her window "mistreatments"

The Nester said...

There is NO SHAME in thumbtacks!

You did a mistreatment, woman!
great job!

Anonymous said...

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