Sunday, May 4, 2008

Saving on Fuel

Yes, I have figured out a way to save a lot of money each month on gas. OK, well I didn't do it on my own, but the timing couldn't have been better.

For the last four years La-La has worn braces. Dentists and doctors are not something I like to take lightly, so when I found a good one, I kept them. Even if they are an hour and a half from my house. Our orthodontist and dentist are a married couple that have an office together, and they are wonderful people who do an amazing job. We have been going there for years.

Last month she finally got her braces off. Thursday we went back to check her retainer, and found out that now she only needs an orthodontic check up when she gets her teeth cleaned. Although I love the people at that office, gas prices make me happy that it is a monthly treck we can now avoid. It takes about $25 in gas each time, which doesn't seem like much on a monthly basis, but when you factor in that we can save 10 trips a year (we still go for cleanings every 6 months), we will save $250! Cutting out that once a month trip is a big portion of my fuel usage, since I barely use $25 in a week of going back and forth to work. So, essentially I slashed 20% off my fuel budget.

Makes me wonder what other ways I could save.

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