Monday, June 30, 2008

Deep Rooted Fears

I survived my first root canal today. And, honestly, it really was not that bad. I have a wonderful dentist, who has the sweetest southern accent you have ever heard. After seeing him for a while, he knows I do best with sedation dentistry. So with Valium in my system, and gas running through my veins, it was a breeze. I think it was far and away much easier than getting a tooth pulled.

Along with my dentist visit, I also got down to brass tacks with my contractor today -- who is better known as my dear father-in-law. If there is something that needs to be built at our house, he is the man with the plan. He already had acquired quite a lot of the wood that we will need to build brand new kitchen cabinets, so there is very little that I will have to buy in that department. However, I will still need: tile (for countertops), a new sink, new plumbing for the sink, a new faucet, and some tracks for all the drawers that my new kitchen will have. I am sooooooooo excited about the dozens of drawers. Since my pots and pans hang on a rack, the main concern is that it is so hard to pull things out of deep cabinets. My new custom cabinets will mean drawers that completely pull out, so I will be able to get to the very back of them, however they will be deep enough to house things like crock-pots.

So....Here is where I need your help! If you could completely redo your kitchen, what one thing would you add to make your life easier? I have some design aspects in mind, but I would love your input.


Lib said...

Hope your feeling o.k. from your dental work!
For some unknown reason I like stand alone cabinets for our kitchen. If I could redo I'd have a huge pantry :o)
Hope you have a great day!

Nomadic said...

I've added some of these features to my pantry, which my husband built for me in the garage/laundry room of my house.

I have one shelf that is about the height of two cans of veggies when they are laid on their side. The shelf is divided so I can put 4-5 rows of veggies on it, but the veggies are on their sides so they roll forward when one is taken from the front. When I fill it, the cans roll forward.

The idea comes from the boxes that soda comes in, where the cans are corralled and just roll forward when you take a can from the box. The plan is to add another shelf just like it for larger cans like spaghetti sauce and canned tomatoes.

I also would like some kind of air-tight bin to hold flour, suger, etc. I don't like canisters on the counter, and I buy these in bulk.

I'm not fond of cabinets on the bottom, either. If I can, I'll be making large drawers for my bottom cabinets.

Melissa in FL

Gina said...

I guess I should have clarified. I have a huge pantry, so no food is actually stored in my kitchen. The storage area in my kitchen is only used for dishes, etc. Great ideas, though! Keep them coming!

Michelle said...

I would like more electrical sockets and a huge built in pantry with shelves varying in height.

Anonymous said...

A roll out garbage can near the sink is wonderful. I like the full extension drawers you are talking about- you will LOVE them. There are some really great accessories to put into cabinets now, like tilt out drawers in your sink cabinet, organizers for your drawers, etc. Having pretty glass in the doors of a few cabinets would be nice- just make it opaque glass so you don't have to be too organized, LOL. Have fun with your new adventure. Julie

anita said...

What I would love is somewhere to put all those small kitchen bread maker, mixer, blender, etc. I don't have enough counter space for them and I'm constantly getting them out and putting them away.