Monday, June 16, 2008

Freebies for Coupon Newbies

Any hard-core coupon queen knows about these coupons already, but I have had so many new visitors who might not know exactly where to look, I thought I would revisit a couple of CVS freebies. These printable coupons work on regular priced CVS goodies, so all you have to pay is applicable sales tax.

Johnson & Johnsons Buddies soap bars are something sweet for the kiddos. They are bars of watermelon scented soap, in a cloth-like wrapper, so no more great big wash clothes for little hands. This coupon is good for $1 off any one Johnson's Buddies products, including the bars of soap, which are only .99. CVS will price adjust it, so all you pay is tax. You can print two of these off of each computer.

CVS has a special size box of Malt O Meal cereal, which are only $1. My store had knock-off Honey Nut Cheerios and they were REALLY good. This coupon is for $1 off any one Malt O Meal cereal. There is no size restriction, so this coupon works on this box of cereal. All you pay is applicable tax. You can print two of these off of each computer.

These are deals that anyone with a computer can get in on. There is no Extra Buck Deals involved. Just walk in with your printed coupons, get your deals and that's it. Happy CVSing!


Anonymous said...

i have just started cvsing and i love it!!! thanks for the tips!

Julie Pilon said...

I wish someone would make a CVS'ing for dummies guide. I have read many websites that promote the wonderful savings they get at CVS, but I cannot always understans the jargon. I got a CVS card, and I have been shoping there more often, but i know I am not saving as much money as I could.