Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friendly Blessings

I was at my dear friend Georgia's house the other day. Her home is a welcome spot, where you sit on the front porch and drink a glass of tea and talk about life. I think I have learned more about life sitting on that front porch than almost any place else on earth. Her door is always open and her heart is filled to the brim with love.

Georgia is hands down the best soul food cook on earth. Her collard greens will make you wanna "slap yo mamma!" The colonel ain't got nothin' on her fried chicken. All of her food is as full of love as she is, and it is so good that it is the heart of anywhere she works. One of the busiest restaurants in our little town opened with her in the kitchen, ran ads announcing it to the world, and they all came running. Yep, it is just that good.

Ok, this is not about food, it is about a gift she gave to me. The other day while I was sitting on her front porch, swinging in her beautiful cedar porch swing, I said to her, "You know what I've always wanted?" "What?" she replied. "A hammock, so I can lay beneath the trees in my back yard and read." She got up out of her chair, walked over to her truck, and pulled out a hammock. "Here, I've done had this for over 2 years," she said, "take it and enjoy it." Now I had no idea she even had one, and I would have NEVER in a million years asked for it. "You don't have to, you keep it," I told her. She wouldn't hear of it, "I can't give you what you want if I don't know what it is." She knew I would enjoy it, so I took it home and today I did just that.

She came down today and we dug up some of my flowers that were multiplying out of control. We ate, laughed, talked and sat a while. It was one of the best days I have had in a very long time. Sometimes friendship is a gift in and of itself. One that blesses you everytime you see them, think about them, and cherish the time you have together. Why a 60+ year old woman and a 30-something one can be such true friends is something that time has nothing to do with. The Lord just puts people in our path that we are meant to hold on to for a long while, and Georgia is one of those people to me.

As I left, after driving her home, she sent me away with a bunch of beautiful flowers, big, blue hydrangeas, which will make my dining room lovely for days. Friendly blessings are some of the bestest kind.


Dawn said...

Wow! You sound like an amazing person. Read your article in the Advocate. Would love to learn more about how you do it all. Can you post an answer here in the comments - how much time do you spend each week saving money, doing the coupon thing, etc? Also you talk about selling some of your bargains - where does that happen?
Thanks Dawn S of Lawrenceburg, TN

Gina said...


Thanks! I spend a couple of hours a week sorting, clipping and shopping. Once in a while I will take a trip to Nashville for a marathon shopping day. I have lots of fun, usually taking my daughter along with me for company. Here, locally, CVS is a great place to find wonderful deals, as is Kroger and sometimes Walgreens.

I have a sale about once a month, and the next one will be this Saturday, June 14th, at Sullivan's Home and Auto, 900 North Military Ave in Lawrenceburg. I will be there from 7 until about 12, so stop by and say hello! I will try and be more detailed about some of my deals, starting very soon, I promise.

Hope to see ya soon!


Gill - That British Woman said...

Gina, friends like that are one in a million. Its the little things they do that make the friendship even more special. Hold onto that friend.