Monday, October 20, 2008

Back to Basics

Sometimes I get so busy in life that I simply forget to keep it simple. I get so caught up in the big ways to save money, I forget that the small ones are those that drain you the most.

Yes, it is easy to talk about being frugal, and I am in many senses of the word, but sometimes I overlook the small things that add up to be so very much. Like cooking enough dinner to take some leftovers for lunch. It only takes a little more ingredients, but can save us as much as $60 a week! Yep, DH and I can easily spend that much eating out every day, but hopefully we can completely eliminate this habit.

Soda is another big budget drainer. We are trying to make our own tea at home this week, taking it in recycled Milo's jugs. (Embarrasingly we had more than enough of these for DH and I both to take them to work and still have a couple hanging around the house.) If I figure up the 4 sodas a day (for each of us), that adds up to $8 a day saved, or another $40 this week alone. (Since I have tons of Lipton tea, that was free with coupons of course, and quite a bit of sugar left from a great sale, this is practically free for us.)

So now we are up to $100.

Another one is over-shopping. Although it is a good idea to buy extra while extremely cheap or free (cause you know that's what works best for me!), sometimes I can get overzealous and buy 60 boxes of pop-tarts. After the 5th box, my kiddos are complaining.

For the next few weeks I will be sticking to a menu, eating (almost) completely from home and using up some of our pantry. Hopefully I can get back into the frugal groove that I honestly do appreciate knowing how to do.

Since our economy is in such economically hard times, I am so glad that I do not have to start from scratch learning how to pinch pennies. I just buckle down my belt a little harder, look a little deeper, and do the things I used to do when we were both in college. Nope -- it's not fun, but it sure beats learning for the first time after years of luxurious living.


Leila said...

I think that everyone loses concentration sometimes -- it's hardly a failure! After all, there's more to life than money :)

I just love tea! Nothing is like tea freshly made. I laugh when I see people buying iced tea!

It's good for you too!

Michael said...

Lots of giveaways at this site.

Lisa said...

I am in the same mode as you. I have an overstuffed pantry and I have set a goal of $35/week for groceries for the next few weeks. That will be for produce, milk and a few other fillers. Otherwise, use up stuff!

n*stitches said...

Groceries are such as easy place to spend more than you wanted and my worst area of impulse buying even with a list!