Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fun with the Kiddos

My kiddos begged me to play a game with them when I got home from work. Once I finally had my wits about me and made it to the table, they had Scrabble all picked out and ready to go. Scrabble is a writer's FAVORITE game!!! They chose it without coaching, which is amazing, but awesome all at the same time.
We always purchase our children board games for Christmas. With all of our kiddos, that is a lot of games that flow into our home. The ones that don't get played with are happily sold at yard sales to make room for the upcoming ones they are already requesting.
As for the solution to lost pieces, we have had a method that works for years. All games are stored on a 4 foot book shelf that sits between our living room and dining room. Through many ears of practice, our family knows that games may ONLY be played at the dining room table or at the coffee table. No games are allowed in bedrooms. We have not lost a game piece in years. The shelf system helps keep them nice and tidy, while insuring that an overflow of games do not overrun us.
Since we currently have about 20 games, we can have a family game night almost any night of the week and not be stricken with "same game syndrome". Variety is the spice of life, after all. For more frugal ideas, scoot on over to Biblical Womanhood for Frugal Fridays.
What do you do to have fun with your kiddos???


Anonymous said...

We love Scrabble. My 8 year old son is not a very good speller, so it's a fun way to work on school.

Big fans of Twister, too.

Delighted Mom said...

My husband is a HUGE fan of scrabble! I love playing games of all kinds and will definitely be implementing game night when our kids get old enough!

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

I love playing games too but honestly we don't have many. The problem we have is the littles that can't play yet going nuts wanting to play. I love love love monopoly, I would love to get that one this year. I have not played it in years! Another favorite to me is upwords

Liz said...

No kids here. Just one husband that is insanely good at Trivial Pursuit. I end up throwing my game piece at him. :)

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

We have Family Game night once a week. It is a HUGE success here. We have snacks and put on a movie. My boys favorite games right now are Go Fish and CandyLand.