Saturday, April 11, 2009

Awards Time

Nessa awarded me this sweet, sweet gift a few days ago. I was floored and very flattered. Thanks so much for passing it along to me.

Although I have so, so many bloggy friends whom I admire, one of my favorites just had her sixth child. Marshmallow Circus has my dream life. I would so love to have more kiddos and stay at home with them all day. She takes such beautiful care of all her little peeps. And her new baby boy is soooooo cute!


Anne Marie said...

Just wanted to come by and tell you thanks for following me at Na-Da Farm!
Have a Blessed Easter!!

And enjoy the weekend!!

Anne Marie

Marshmallow Circus said...

That is SUCH a nice thing. I can't tell you how honored that makes me feel! Here I am sleep deprived, and this just perked me right up.

Thanks you so much!!!!!