Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Burning Out Slowly

These days my work seems to take more and more time away from me. Besides working 40+ hours a week at a "normal" job, I work for myself doing personal shopping and re-selling of items. However, since school has started back, my kiddos are NOT liking the fact that their father gets home long before I do, and when I get home I have literally shopped until I am ready to drop, so I am just ready to check my email and get into bed.

However, once you look at the grand scheme of things, does it really make sense to earn more money than you actually need, if it takes away the only thing money can't buy -- more time? If there is a dire need, that is one thing, but if you do it out of greed.......that's another. So, pretty soon, I will be sitting down my shopping bags for a while, so that I can just enjoy the company of my children while they are still at an age where they want my company. Pretty soon there will be a day when I will be the unwanted rock on the bottom of their shoes.

Finding balance is the hardest part of parenting. Balance of time between tasks, money between bills, guidance and's truly a very fine wire. The only magic is finding the wire on which to balance your life.

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