Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Feeling Hot, Hot, HOT!

WOW! What a day! Over 100 degrees! WHEW! I feel like I'm melting here, and the humidity is sooooo high! I think even poodles are running around all frizzy. It it like you can't move without slicing through the air with a machedi to make room.
Hot weather, hot headed people, hot tempers, it all goes together. When I covered crime reports for the local radio station, you could always tell when the weather was the hottest, there were always more police reports to go through. People get ill and frustrated so easily, and some just don't handle it quite as well as the others, so they snap! And then it all goes down-hill from there.

Hot tamales! OHHHH my favorite candy of all times! They are just spicy enough and yet not too hot to sit and enjoy a box all at once if I want to. Well, I never get through the whole thing by myself, seeing as how my kiddos keep their hands stuck out wanting some. Which is fine, I don't mind sharing. If you don't like sharing, don't have a bunch of kids!

We share everything in my house. Sharing, whether it's candy, a baseball glove, clothes or secrets and dreams, the act of sharing is what brings those close sibling bonds that are irreplacable in life. Although I don't really have any siblings that I am that close to, I hope for my children that they will find these bonds and carry them throughout their lifetimes.

Because caring about family is the most important thing you can do. Taking care of each other and knowing you have someone to fall back on, well, in the word's of Paris Hilton, "Tha's Hot!!!"

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