Friday, August 24, 2007

It's About Time!

Twice a year, the US Government decides my life is not out of whack enough as it is, so they change the time around just to mess with my head. Ok, yeah, I know that it is not just for me, but the whole daylight savings time throws me for a loop every time, whether falling back or springing forward. I do not work out in the wonderful wide open, so the fact that daylight begins or ends any earlier or later doesnt actually come into play. However, the fact that my sleeping habits, which are not the best in the world, become somewhat off kilter, well that takes more than a little adjusting.
Moving the clock around does not create more time. It doesn't do it for the U.S. Gubment, any more than it does for the person who sets their car radio 5 minutes faster. I know, because I used to be one of those people. It seemed to make me run late more often than not, because I was depending on that pad of time, just the same. It was like I had a license to get there a 8:05 instead of 8:00 like everyone else. Like that I was so full of self importance, that I could make time move around as I wished, it was liquid for me. This was in my much younger know, those days when you are just too busy, and never have enough time.
This is one that I, however, have never fallen into. You have as much time as you make of it. When I was a single mom, I worked 3 jobs, went to college full time and still "found time" to have a relationship that ultimately led to marriage. Whoever said "You have as many hours in the day as Mother Teresa and Ghandi" were right. Still, even though college is long behind me, I basically work two jobs. I work for the local gubment and I work for myself on the side with freelance jobs that interest me. I still find time to have a good marriage, raise a brood of kids, talk to friends, and now write this blog. (Even though the blog takes the least amount of time in my day.)
In the grand scheme of things, the 80 or so years that we are given is only a second on God's Timex. We talk about a decade as if it is a monumental occassion, and a century as if it were the literary companion to a set of encyclopedias. There have only been 2,000 small years since Christ was here, although the most important 2,000 to anyone on this side of the current era. However, I do not find that the musings of Mr. Gates are any more significant than those of Plato.
These days, there are so many things out there to save us time. Instant rice, instant messaging, instant everything. Because no one should have to wait.....on anything. I do have to admit, though, that instant rice is my favorite invention since....ummmm.....I dunno when! The fact that you are saving little bits of time here and there doesn't really mean anything. It's not like you can put that time in the bank and withdraw it whenever you need it. It just makes life more convienent, after all. So the next time you hear an infomercial touting the "newest time-saving wonder" just would have had time to read a book, if you hadn't wasted it on watching a 30 minute commercial.

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Wonderful sweetie, and so right!