Thursday, August 23, 2007

Refrigerator Renovation

My refrigerator is a good way to look at my life. I know that it is an odd parallel, however the more I think about it, the more I know that this analogy is on the money. From the outside, it looks okay. Not great and sparkly like a industrial-inspired stainless steel, but no rust and still looks good for it's day. It is not the most expensive model out there, but it came from Sears, so it's not a cheap one either.
On the inside, you will see quite a few bowls of leftovers that need to be gotten out. These are my flaws. The kitchen is not clean enough. The house is a little cluttered. I have a lot going on in life, and so my bowls just sit there, waiting their turn to be tended to. These are the things in my life like my genealogy, which I am still working on, but it lingers somewhere behind the milk that represent my children.
No matter how busy I get, I make sure there is fresh milk. My children are one of my main concerns. I make sure they are nourished spiritually, intelligently and nutrionally. They are the one thing that I know is right, when I am not quite sure about the rest of my life.
God is like the eggs in my refrigerator. Ounce for ounce, the most nutrious thing in there. He fills me up when I am empty, and can fill my desires whether they are sweet like pecan pie or savory like quiche. He is the mainstay of my sustenance. He is the one thing I know I can turn to when all else fails.
My husband is like the seal on the door. He keeps all the heat out of my life and protects me like nothing else on earth. He gets a little worn for the wear, but clean him up and all is right as rain.
Although my refrigerator, like my life, could definitely use a good cleaning, once I do so, my whole attitude changes. I begin to cook more, I am more careful about how I fill the shelves and use those leftovers more and more frequently.
Like my life, once I clean out all of the literal and emotional clutter, I know that my days run smoother, my quality of life is better and all is easier as long as I don't let it get back to the way it was. However, just like the first bowl of leftovers that seems to get lost, something will seep in. Maybe I need to make an appointment with myself for a good cleaning. So that, just as scheduled, my life (and refrigerator) will get a good cleaning, and not just whenever I get around to it.


Geraldine Carlisle said...

Very good, I think I must go clean my 'fridge'. Blessings, Gerrie

Anonymous said...

Hey Gina! Someone posted a link to your blog on a website I visit. They think you should get an agent for your writing.