Friday, August 31, 2007

Shiny Shoes

What is it about glitter that makes an 8 year old girl soooooo happy? Recently, while school shopping, I found a $2 pair of flip flops for my youngest daughter. They are really cute, with pink glitter on the straps. She wears them everywhere.
It is amazing that those $2 shoes make her feel like a million bucks. Something just so cute about the way she prances's so girly! Out of my three girls, she is the only girlie one. Which lights up my heart. This plus she is the baby makes it hard not to smile when she gets so excited.
What I love the most about the whole ordeal is, she let's people know those were only $2 shoes...."Aren't these shoes just the best?!? And we got them for only $2!!!" She is as excited about that as she is that they are pink and glittery.
I truly hope I have sewn the seeds of frugality in her!

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Maine Mama said...

She sounds just like my daughter. We found a jean jacket at a thrift shop. It's covered with fake diamonds! She thinks it is the most amazing thing she's ever owned!