Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Testing, Testing, 123

Ok, so this blogging thing is all new to me. Sure, I post on forum boards for a few different things, like couponing (which is a PASSION of mine) and Christian living, but not just an everyday life sort of thing.
Which is odd, because I used to be a writer. Until recently, I worked at a paper and wrote about human interest and places to go. So now, I work in research and wanted a writing outlet. So here it is........
I have a lot of inspiration in life, in varied places, that only seem to connect because they catch my attention. I love HUGE families, and since we are kind of a smaller family with only 4 children, then it seems like I am in constant awe of families with huge families. Like The Duggar family! I love them, and I think it is WONDERFUL that she has recently had another child, which is her 17th.
Anyways, life, in all aspects, is what I intend to comment on. Of course, since my viewpoint is that of a frugalite, then you won't see me rambling on about the latest fashions. But, raising my family and giving thanks to God is high on my order of things to do......Stay Tuned!

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Jenna said...

Hi! I just linked to your blog from Ginger's. Wow--4 kids is a small family?!?!? :-) Don't you care about overpopulation of the world? :-)