Monday, September 17, 2007

Christmas is Coming!

Shhh......Don't tell anyone.......It's only three months away! Ok, give or take a few days, but still! It's almost here!!! Have you started shopping yet? Every year I try to start in January, because I know it's coming whether I want to shop or not. So, this year, I actually did it! I have a few things left to buy, but nothing I could not wrap up in one trip, if need be.
Having such a huge head start is really comforting. I know that I do not have to pay the exagerrated retail prices during the "shopping season". Sure, they say they are "sale prices". And sometimes, they actually do have a great deal or two out there, but nothing like the clearnace prices you can get on the merchandise that is on the shelves now, because they are getting rid of it to make room for the holiday season. Sure, there are items that will only come out a few weeks before THE BIG DAY, but I tend to choose classic sorts of gifts that will stand the test of time.
Blocks, baby dolls, Hot Wheels cars, those are things to inspire a child's imagination, not one that stiffles it by telling you "exactly" how to play with something. Board games are another of my favorite gifts, my children each receive one every year (we have quite the collection by this point!). I am a huge fan of things that are useful, too. New clothes and shoes are also always under my tree.
Last year was the Christmas of all Christmases here at our home. Each child had 50+ presents each. It was amazing for them to open up each new gift with such enthusiasm. This year will be back to the normal 10 that they receive, however they will always remember that "One Christmas where we got EVERYTHING". Creating these sorts of memories is what childhood is all about. Yes, we normally have limits on everything we do, but once in a while, it is amazing to make your children soooo very happy. Not only did they have a ball the day of Christmas, but in counting the growing number of packages under the tree.
So, with a few last presents to shop for, I am about to wrap up my holiday shopping. I will probably still shop on Black Friday, because I LOVE IT!, so I will leave a few of them until then. Hopefully in the mean time, I can just sit back, and enjoy the view, while others still scramble to fill their stockings. Join me? You still have time, ya know!

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