Thursday, October 4, 2007

Cheap n' chic

Watching television more now than I have in, ummm, forever, is teaching me quickly that the things that are being touted today are supposed to represent the "American Dream Life". Designer gem studded cell phones, designer jeans, designer lives that will fix all that ails them. Although it is a fun, guilty pleasure to see how Kimora, Paris or Brittney lives, it is also important to know that the excess in which these people portray is not the way that normal people live their lives.
This, however, does not hinder those knock off companies from trying to give us all a "piece of the good life". They've been around forever, you know, companies like those who have the Oscar knock-off dresses on Good Morning America on the following Monday. This knock-off industry has greatly expanded to include everything from sunglasses to handbags, and the most important wardrobe staple -- jeans! You, too, can wear a wonderful pair of designer inspired jeans for only $79.99!!! That is a chunk of change for something that is not even the real deal -- especailly when you can go to TJ Maxx or Ross and get the original (with a tiny flaw).
I guess the thing that I find most amazing, is that one of the biggest music stars of the last decade, Kid Rock, has been shown time and time again in his big box store Rustler cheap jeans -- that you can find on sale for $9.99 everyday. So, you, too can dress like a rock star for less than $10!
Here's a thought -- instead of trying to be like Brittney, Paris or Kimora, be yourself! You can customize your life, your wardrobe and your style to be completely your own. You might not end up on an episode of cribs, but you will be a unique, wonderful person -- but you were all along!

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jennifer said...

I stumbled across your blog from another frugal blog and must say great job!

I have a blog that is called which is my frugal life

and which also has some of my frugal things.

I am a blogger/ but also a mom of 4 and totally living off 18,000.00 per kidding.

And so I am pleased to see where you are.

As I said, I am a blogger, so I have a blog that is my main blog,

Feel free to swing by, and if ya don't mind I'll be back.
Jennifer in New Mexico