Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Finding a Way to Fit In

I have been a worker bee for so long, I have lost touch with who I was when I was happiest -- a stay at home mom. Now that I have returned to my favorite place on earth, I am almost lost within my own skin. I am still frugal, never really lost that habit. I am, however, having a hard time dealing with family and friends and their comments on how being a stay at home mom is not "wise". Why I listen to them I will never know. There is this creeping feeling in my heart that I will have to figure out how to overcome.
I know that a large majority of it comes from the fact that I hate change. This is not that I am afraid of the end results, but I am always resistant to the road that must be traveled. It is hard to find yourself again, when for a large number of years I have defined myself by a job title. It is among the first things you ask a person upon meeting them, "what do you do?" Although my current title is "household supervisor", some people categorize being a SAHM to being lazy, with lots of time on your hands and unimportant.
Even Oprah gets the point that being a SAHM is the most important job on earth. It is a job, one that takes more skills than any other job I have ever had. One that creates the most important product, a well developed human being that can function normally in an abnormal society.
Maybe this will get it all out of my system. This being in limbo between job titles is not fun. I need to learn to function without titles.

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Lisa said...

That's odd, so far I haven't heard someone say that "staying at home isn't wise". Most of the time, it's just their disbelief that a family can live off of one income. It takes thinking outside the box, sometimes.

On the contrary, I feel that for at least some of the stay at homes, they are actually "wise". I can only speak for myself, that I have to be purposeful in my shopping, spending habits, organization of the home, planning meals, coming up with extra income by selling things, and so much more. This isn't something for beginners. There is a learning curve. There are lessons to be learned.
Anyways, I enjoy your blog. Came by it through Merchant Ships. I would have loved to have been the fly on her wall, when you came to visit with her and shared your coupon book and the stash of Dawn in the trunk of your car! Mine are lined up neatly under my kitchen sink. :)