Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Easiest Way To Quit Smoking

OK, I admit it, my most unfrugal and unhealthy habit is smoking. I have done it for more than half of my life and I am not proud of it, but I do it all the same.
For a while now, I have been wanting to quit. I think I have found the easiest way ever. They quit making my cigarettes. Yes, completely stopped making them! I was dumbstruck! I have smoked them for over a decade, and now that I, in my very stubborn best, am going to quit. I smoke pretty pricey ones, name brand, and always said if I could not smoke what I wanted, then I don't want to smoke. And, so soon, the stores will not be able to replinish my supply, I will just quit. Maybe I'm being a baby, but that's ok. If I can't have what I want, then I don't want any! (In my very best stubborn little girl pout!)
So, this, I hope, will be an easy (yeah, right!) transition, but I know it won't. But, all the same, I'm going to quit. I simply don't like the flavors of other menthols, and don't like the stronger ones. Soon, Kool Ultra Lights will no longer be around for me to buy, so I just won't be smoking.
Of course, it means that I can save a ton of money and get healthier, too! Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever..........*wink*


Kacie said...

That certainly helps things! Stay strong.

Jenni said...

You can do it! I did it, quit cold turkey when I became pregnant. My husband, a truck driver, finally quit this year. I really was surprised when he did, since I had been begging him to for years. I made it as uncomfortable as I could, making him smoke outside and not in the car, but he had to decide on his own. He ran out of money for his smokes one day and decided to not buy anymore. I know it took incredible willpower and I'm proud of him. You will be too.