Monday, October 1, 2007

Fall Into It

Don't you just love fall? The bursting of colors that occurs on every maple tree, the cooler weather, football frenzy and a warm bowl of chili. There is something to be said for snuggling up under a blanket with a copy of The Long Hard Winter and taking a mini-vacation while on your very own couch.
I don't know if it is my favorite season (since my birthday is the first day of spring), but I do love all the smells and flavors of fall. Fall, of course, is harvest time. Although with the current drought, there are not many things left to harvest. I look forward to putting up pumpkin and apples and all things with fall flavors.
Not only do I love harvesting the rewards of nature, I also love harvesting the good deals that the new sales bring. After a whole season of free lunchmeats and snacky foods, I am glad it is time that coupons start popping up for oatmeal and baking needs.
Between reading and canning up the stores of the season, I somehow, every year, find time to construct the costumes that will transform my precious ones into their fantasy counterparts, just in time for Halloween.
I guess, after a whole summer of running from place to place to soak up every minute of the sun, it just feels wonderful to slow down a step and gather inside for a change of pace. So, cuddle up with a bowl of stew, sit a spell and enjoy all the favorites of fall.

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