Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wal-Mart --- secret or strategy?

Ok, what is all the hoopla about the Wal-Mart Black Friday ad?????

I love Black Friday.........I dream about it for months, then plan for weeks, and then spend hours shopping and raking in the savings!

So, back to Walmart............This whole "cease and desist" thing has me wondering----------Are they trying to keep us in suspense, like we do our very own kids for the day we are all scurrying to shop for? Are or they really doing it because you always want the one thing you simply cannot have?

Everyone wants the unattainable. You see people fighting over things that are "limited edition" on Ebay. The anticipation and longing makes the thing you desire seem that much more important. It makes me think that they are intentionally doing this, maybe with the thought in the back of their greedy little heads that it will make them "THE STORE" this year, like they do not get enough of the Black Friday pie to begin with. I may be wrong. Maybe their ad is just so wonderful that you could not possibly shop anywhere in the world but with them on that particular day!

Whether or not they end up releasing the ad early or not, Im sure I will be there, list in hand, money in pocket, because WM does have some of the best sales around on Black Friday.

Less than a month to go..........Have the lines started yet?

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