Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Art of Leftovers

A couple of years ago my sister gave me this beautiful photo album for my birthday. There is something about the pink and black combo that I just adore. Included in the album were all these little letter cards, and of course I picked "g" (the "l" wasn't as pretty). However, I had the other 25 in the pack left over, and since I had planned on redoing my bathroom in pink and black, I kept them in my stash of unrequited goodies.
Fast forward two years, and I finally get around to working on my bathroom....and found the perfect use for them. I was looking for a cheap way to fill the wall, and I love all things Parisian, so I thought this was a wonderful solution:

I simply bought 5 black frames at Dollar General for $2 each -- the white behind them is plain white scrap paper, I centered them in the frames with double stick tape and.....voila! Cheap art! I thought it was a great look in my 50's inspired pink and black bathroom (DH gave me the ok -- I promise). So with the walls pink -- as you can see -- and all the trim painted black, these goodies that once laid dormant were brought back to life in possibly my favorite room of the house!


Gena said...

Those look so wonderful on your wall!

I read so many good things about you on Like Merchant Ships that I will be visiting here often.

Anonymous said...

Very cute. What a clever frugal way to decorate.

Homemaker05 said...

This is fabulous! I need a room to decorate... oh wait... I have lots that could be re-done... not I need my own inspiration. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, great idea! Found your blog through Merchant Ships and I will be back to visit more :).