Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Good buys at Goodwill

My darling husband came home last night with his 10 year old t-shirt literally torn about in half from just being plain old worn out. Luckily for him, it was Tuesday....and Goodwill has their "tag of the week" on clothes and shoes for .99 on Wednesdays.
I have NO idea why I have never used this gem before, even though I have known about it for months. So, after work tonite, I trapse off to the Goodwill to see what I can find. Although I was a little scared about going so late in the day, I took my time and uncovered some wonderful deals!
For .99 each I found:
2 nice sweaters for me (I am plus size and RARELY find second hand clothes in my size)
4 shirts for DH to wear under his work uniform
2 nice pairs of pants for DD8
2 nice long dress coats for my nieces to wear to church
1 nice long dress coat for myself
1 black polo shirt for DD8

All of these clothes (except a t-shirt or two) were name brands, so over retail I would have saved HUNDREDS! Even with the comparison of Goodwill prices, my receipt says I saved $42.90.

I only spent $11.88!!!!!

I could have spent that alone on just one t-shirt at Walmart on the clearance rack! I have GOT to go to Goodwill on Wednesday more often....and I have to see if they open before I go to work!


Anonymous said...

Thrifting can be a real treasure trove. Yesterday, I found a 'Fossil' leather messenger bag, in very, very good condition for ... $7.00.

The secret is to go often; stock turns over rapidly.


Meredith from Merchant Ships said...

Our Goodwill goes the same 99-cent deal on Wednesdays.

I try to be there early, as the competition is fierce.

A good tip: check the racks throughout the store for that day's color, not just the round racks down the center aisle. The workers can't possibly get all the sale tags pulled in one day.

I find that my best bet for overlooked treasures are sale-tagged clothes hidden in the rest of the racks.