Monday, December 3, 2007

Darling Delia*s Knockoff

I have a teenage daughter who LOVES Delia*s clothes. However they are a little pricey for me....well more like "are you kidding me??!!??" The dear child has found a coat that she simply loves

Last week I posted about my good finds at Goodwill, and while looking at the new calendar for December I spotted an even better deal -- 10 items of a certain tag for $5. Yeah, it was risky, but I found 10 items (by the skin of my teeth), and among those I found this coat...

Although it is not a perfect match, when you add tax and shipping it would be about $90 and this one was fifty cents. I could literally buy 180 coats at that rate!

And, by the way, she LOVES this one just as much!

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mama k said...

That's awesome! I always thrift shopped when I was in high school. That way you can find funky clothes that you know NO ONE else is going to wear to school too.