Monday, March 31, 2008

100 things about me

I have always been in awe of those blogs I read with tons of posts to weed through. It's fun! I always enjoy other blogger's confessions on their 100th post with 100 things about them. It is neat to see what quirky things make them tick. is my edition of 100 things about me:

1. I have four children
2. Three girls
3. One boy
4. And a husband who is a big old kid himself.
5. I love to watch NASCAR.
6. I watch it mostly for Tony Stewart.
7. The name of my blog was inspired by "Sex and the City"
8. I now realize it should have been Six and the Country....oh well!
9. There are only actually five of us now that our oldest daughter has moved out.
10. If you count the two dogs and our cat Buddy (who thinks he's a kid) -- there are now eight of us
11. I love to read.
12. I can read a 300 page book in an hour and a half.
13. Seriously.
14. I love Grey's Anatomy -- mostly for Patrick Dempsey.
15. I have loved Patrick Dempsey for 20 years, way longer than my husband.
16. I met my husband as a child.
17. He threw rocks at me to get me out of the creek.
18. He wanted to swim with his buddies.
19. That creek adjoins our property, and our kids swim there now.
20. I am obsessed with the color pink.
21. I even talked DH into letting me have a pink bathroom!
22. My house is not nearly as clean as I would like it to be.
23. It's not as nice as I wish it was either.
24. However, it is much nicer than when we moved in.
25. I am a DIY junkie.
26. I am also obsessed with big families.
27. Jon & Kate plus 8 is my dream life.
28. My husband and I relate to each other exactly like they do!
29. My dream job is being a SAHM.
30. I am a shopaholic.
31. It's a good thing I learned how to make money at it.
32. I learned by accident -- but happy accidents are the bestest kind.
33. I grew up around animals.
34. My grandfather was a chicken farmer.
35. We bred horses.
36. I used to barrel race horses.
37. Yeah, hard to imagine with my weight now.
38. I was skinny before I had kiddos!
39. I am an award winning poet.
40. I have also written for scholarly journals and magazines.
41. I used to be a race track photographer.
42. Now I search for dead people (I am an archivist).
43. I try to figure out "Who's their daddy!"
44. I wear flip flops year round.
45. Even when it's snowing.
46. I have every color of the rainbow.
47. And a bunch that aren't.
48. Any kind of music is my favorite kind.
49. I like everything from ABBA to ZZ Top.
50. WHEW! Half through!
51. I have a mentally retarded sister.
52. She taught me a lot about life.
53. Like patience.
54. And perseverance.
55. And love.
56. Most of all that abnormal is so much better than normal.
57. She is my example that miracles can happen.
58. I am a mixture of religions.
59. I was born catholic.
60. Raised southern baptist.
61. Now I believe in the Holy Spirit rather than a religion.
62. Religion has too many rules for me.
63. My favorite old movie is Gone With The Wind.
64. My favorite newer movie is Catch and Release.
65. My favorite old song is California Dreamin'.
66. My favorite newer song is You Save Me by Kenny Chesney.
67. I was once a regular dancer on a TV show called "Wildhorse Saloon" on the Nashville Network.
68. Yes, I was a boot wearing line dancer!
69. I have met TONS of country music stars.
70. I once had a drink with Tracy Lawrence.
71. Ok, I had SEVERAL drinks.
72. That was when I was a party girl.
73. That seems like a life time ago.
74. I am just a boring homebody now.
75. I have a BS in Professional Writing from the University of North Alabama.
76. I also have a BS in History from the same college.
77. I have been lucky enough to use both of these degrees, even though I live in a small town.
78. My previous job was at a newspaper.
79. I also wrote news for a radio station.
80. If you Google my name, it is actually my stuff that pops up.
81. I Google myself when I feel like a failure.
82. It proves to me that I am not so bad off after all.
83. I love a good cry.
84. It makes me feel clean from the inside out.
85. I am lucky enough that my husband understands.
86. And he holds me when I need it.
87. We have been married almost 7 years.
88. Luckiest seven of my life.
89. He has changed my life in more good ways than I can even list.
90. 100 ways wouldn't even scratch the surface.
91. I am also lucky enough to have great in-laws.
92. My MIL is my "other mother".
93. She raised a great son.
94. I get to reap the benefits of her work.
95. I seriously thought I would run out of things to say.
96. Without listing my favorite foods.
97. Which, again, this list would not be enough room.
98. But I am lucky enough to have lots of blessings.
99. Thankfully I didn't have to think too hard.
100. Whew! I'm glad this is so over!


Frogdancer said...

Good job. (I stuck through till the end!)

Prairiehomemaker said...

Gina, you are adorable!

jskell911 said...

I love these kind of posts! It's great to see "the person behind the blogger!"