Sunday, March 30, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

How do you make a redhead happy? Put her on a four-wheeler with her daddy!

Living in the country gives us the chance to have room to run and have fun, and this is a perfect example of the way that we all run around together. I think I'm gonna have to find her a smaller helmet though! Hmmmmmm........wonder if they have any pink ones on sale now?

Since we are not huge partakers in outside entertainment, we are very content to learn to make ourselves happy. Sometimes we are lucky enough to be gifted or donated items by friends and family. Our trampoline is a great example of this, it was free for the taking from my husband's uncle, all we had to do was get it out of his yard. Other ways we procure our goodies are by yard sales, buying good toys and bikes cheap -- who cares if the Little Mermaid is on the bicycle, it rides just as good as Hannah Montana would, and where we give about $5 for yard sale bikes, the new ones can cost well over $100.
Don't get me wrong though, some things are brand new, and they were gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Our basketball goal, sand box and four wheelers are among those. We shopped around for the absolute best price we could find in what we were looking for. We are very grateful to have all these outside things to do on warm days that are now plentiful. But....if it's will see us all inside playing "Rock Band" which was a wonderful gift to our family from my sister.

What do you do to have fun with your family? Board games? Video games? Play ball? We are always looking for new ways to have fun with our kiddos!

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He should wear a helmet too, if she drives! :-)