Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a ride!!!!

How does life get so very crazy so quickly? Why is it that one minute we can seem to be sailing along in our own little pattern, then BAM! For the last couple of months, everything has been in constant uproar. The last six months weren't easy, but we had seemed to get into a flow with visiting Emma and Jamie, and keeping up with the daily lives of our other children. Then she had a turn for the worst, and the last month in particular was extremely hard on all of us. I don't mean to sound whiny, but it was even harder on the other children at home. We usually live a very simple, homebody lifestyle. We do not roam very far from our little nests other than to gather things we need (like go to work to gather money or go to the store to gather needs). We are the type of family that likes to find fun in our own back yard (literally). This may be why my yard looks like it belongs to a daycare rather than appearing to be a fancy garden like in all those beautiful magazines that I adore so very much.

Seriously, with a trampoline, basketball goal, sand box, bicycles, four wheelers, three (yes, count them, three) tire swings (all on one HUGE old walnut tree, I might add), wagons, push toys, volleyball net, and assorted other stuffs that kids seem to acquire, and with current construction underway so that we can get the ground ready for a new swimming pool, I recently posed to my husband the question "How much stuff do our kids actually need?" to which he answered "As much as we can afford to give them." Hmmmm......

So...back to the has been crazy. It has been so crazy that I have had to set aside my blog to make room for the other things in life. As much as I love you, my bloggy friends, I simply had to make time for my family, which is why I have neglected you for so very long. Maybe, just maybe, I can get back to a regular posting schedule........if the train slows down long enough that I find a spot to jump on board!

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