Saturday, March 29, 2008

My policy and promise

A few months ago, when I began a blog, I never realized that women across the world would come to read my words. It took a while for me to understand that most great blogs had a true purpose. I did not set out to be a blogger, I set out to find an outlet for my musings and writings. I had been a writer for quite a long time before taking a job as an archivist, so I had these ramblings that needed to get out.

Oddly enough, after a few posts, I found myself offering money-saving advice to others. I have always loved to help others learn to save money, either through couponing or my now-extinct frugal newsletter. My friends have always called me for advice on how to get things cheaper, how to fix something in a pinch or how to do something they know can be a DIY project but they just didn't know how.

So, very quickly I became another voice in the sea of mommy bloggers who are trying to open the minds of others by offering tips and hints on how to live a frugal life. I try to add my own twist, because we all think a little differently. Inadvertently, I tend to give a lot of advice on couponing. I have been a coupon user for nearly two decades, although never as actively as I have been in the past year. I guess I give the most advice on this subject, because honestly, I get tons of questions on the subject. I am always glad to help others learn to save and it is a great joy for me to be able to use my experience and knowledge to help others on their frugal journey.

With all this said, I have decided that it is time for me to write down a Promise to My Readers and My Policy on a few things.

My Promise to My Readers
All of the materials written here come from my daily life. Although I am often inspired by others, I will only take the time to write something about it if it truly works for me and my family.

Most of the artwork featured here is my own. I do occassionally borrow shots from photographer friends of mine, but they have not been altered to become something they are not.

I aim to help others in all walks of life learn to save money, not only with smart shopping, but in recycling what you already have to better utilize your budget. Being a good steward with my resources is my goal. Helping others learn to do the same is my promise to you.

My Policies
I have never been paid, with either money nor product, to promote products or services that are featured on this blog. It is a product/service I actually use and believe in, or I would not feel the need to express it to the world.

I will not have ads on this blog. I do this for the fun of it in my life. I do not do it to make lots of money. It is a place for me to lend a hand to others, and give advice on areas I am well versed in. I am not adverse to it being a launching pad to other freelance opportunities that are paying jobs, but I will NEVER be paid to write to you, my friends.

I may, however, in the future, use this space to sell my own products, such as an upcoming book, or other projects in the works. You can be sure, however, that if I am trying to sell anything on this site, it will be of my own creation, and something I hope will be beneficial to my readers.

So these are my promise and policy to you. I know there are bridges I have yet to cross like the big bloggers have. I may have to revise it in the future, but I know that I will remain ad free and try to update more often on the subjects that drew you all here in the first place.

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Frogdancer said...

We don't have coupons in Australia. It's such an American thing.

I found you because I'm interested in your valiant attempt to feed the family on a very limited budget. I'm a single mother of four teen and tween boys, so I'm very interested in how you're going with that.