Saturday, April 26, 2008

All Outta Ideas -- Update

Sometimes God doesn't give you what you ask for, He gives you what you need. I truly believe that.

A few days ago I was begging for help on how to cover my ugly couch. Friday I was given the most beautiful gift.

My dear friend bought a new living room suite on Friday. I asked her if she would like to sell her gently used (and very pretty) current couch. She said, "I dunno, I'll get back to ya."

An hour later she left me a voice mail. "If you want this couch, call me back." So I did. And she gave me the couch if I would pick it up that afternoon. She just didn't want to move it. As soon as we got off work, DH and I went and picked up the couch.

God works in wonderful ways.

For all of you who gave me advice, THANK YOU!!!! I intended on buying fabric this weekend to give it a try, but...oh, well.

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Jasmine said...

Praise the Lord!