Friday, April 25, 2008

Shopping to Sell

To the unknowing person buying mass amounts of coupon purchases to resell for a profit may not seem very thrifty or even fair to other shoppers. So, I feel the need to do a little explaining.

I shop and resell to people who do not coupon shop. This way they can save money off normal retail price without the "work" of couponing. If they are truly interested in couponing to save even more, I will gladly teach them. Yes, I do try to buy the right things so that I can maximize profit, but I also so it with the mindset that I have to get the absolute best price so that I can pass on my savings.

Cleaning off a shelf is also something I try to avoid. I want to make sure that regular shoppers get in on the deals, too. So here are my rules for cleaning off shelves:
*As often as possible I order what I need from the manager, so I can get the amount I need and they will have enough for other shoppers, too.
*I try to hit the last day of the sale, that way others have all week to get in on the deals.
*Clearance is my exception; Retailers are trying to get rid of this merchandise, so I will buy all that is available. (If there is a lot left on the shelf, I often ask for an additional discount if I purchase all of it, and often receive it.)
*If I see someone else looking at the same item that I am, I will offer a coupon to them (if I have one).
*When there is a small amount left at the beginning of the week, I ask the manager/owner if they mind me to buy it all. I am often encouraged to do this, they generally know their customers and know whether or not they will sell it off or not.

My (extremely wonderful) CVS manager (who knows I resell) put it best when she said, "You buying it to sell to others essentially means they are buying it from me. I get paid, you get paid, everybody wins!"

I know people can save more money if they shop like I do, but some people would rather pay me a little to get them better deals. Some do not have the patience or passion to shop the deals. I am fortunate enough to see them once a month and help them save a little money along the way.


MSM said...

Wow, I wish you were my neighbor : )

I think your reselling plan is wonderful. I'd buy from you in a minute.

Some of us want to save money but just don't have the organizational skills or energy or whatever to be the great coupon shopper that you are! : )

jskell911 said...

I understand this exactly! I am an avid couponer, but I know so may who "couldn't bother". So, yes, I have resold as well. My profit for the work I put into the deal searching.

andy said...

noble and frugal. A rare combination.

Good luck with your goals.

Jasmine said...

You don't have to explain yourself. I think it is great what you are doing. People can go down to the store just as easy as you can. I am surprised the manager lets you order direct from him. How many news papers a week do you buy?

Gina said...

I don't buy a ton of papers, because my sister has a paper route and gets up to 100 copies of inserts a week. Being the loving sister that she is, she shares with me! Before she got that gig (which she does primarily for the extra inserts), I bought about 10 papers a week.

Thanks for all the sweet comments, I get worried that people will interpret what I do with a bad light.

As for my manager, she orders me whatever she can. Her sales go up, which means she gets raises and bonuses, so why wouldn't she?

Jordana said...

Maybe you live in a sales tax free state, but if you don't have you ever researched the sales tax laws for yard sales? In my state (Tennessee) a person who holds regular yard sales (classified, I believe as more than two a year) is technically required to charge sales tax. Obviously, those things often go unpursued by the revenuers, but it could be awfully difficult and expensive if it came to the attention of the state and with your putting all this out there on a blog, it seems like it easily might.

Gina said...

According to my attorney friend, since I pay full tax on the items when I purchase them, taxes do not have to be paid again. It is like double taxing the same product. I hope she's right! Thanks for thinking about me though!

Anonymous said...
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