Monday, April 21, 2008

All Outta Ideas

I have the world's ugliest couch. Ok, well not the couch -- the pattern on the couch. It has great bones, really it does. It is a wingback style, and I love the shape of it. However the color is soooooo out of date. It is hunter green and burgundy. I really wanna cover it up somehow, but I just don't have the time to slipcover it.

So should I just live with it, or try to do a mistreatment? I sent an email to Nester -- maybe she can share some of her super-hero powers and help a girl out.

Just in case she is too busy (someone might have a bigger emergency in the mistreatment arena), anybody out there have any ideas? I'm begging!


Jenni said...

I am definitely not the person to ask about decorating. Early childhood clutter is my current style.

But I will definitely be checking out some of your frugal links and the rest of your blog!

Sheree said...

Furniture tacks, a few flat bed sheets, and a roll of ribbon are your only takes about 30-45 min. to cover up that ugly sewing could also use the glue gun..but I much prefer the tacks....

Rachel said...

I found you through your FrugalHacks spot. I had a similar issue, but mine was just a loveseat and I really wanted a full sized couch.
I managed to find one at Value Village for $40 a few weeks ago and I am thrilled with it.
It's huge, not ugly and comfortable.
I am not sure how to go about recovering furniture at all.
For me, I think that $40 splurge was so worth it and I feel very fortunate to have found it!