Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back to Decluttering

I joined Chile's decluttering challenge earlier this month. Even though I have worked at it, I haven't really talked about it too much, honestly because I had not done a massive amount of it. I did a little here and a little there, but never a massive session. It seemed like I didn't have that much time, then I realized this was something my home needed desperately.

So, I got a ton of work done today. I started with general paper clutter that easily overwhelms my home. It seems to be attracted to any flat surface of my home. First I got that all sorted out. Next I moved on to the shelves of games that we have collected over the years. Although we love to play board games, who really plays "Friends Trivia" or the "Magic Tooth Fairy Game"? Sure, I love Friends, but only a handful of people I know could even play with me, and that small amount of time that I get to spend with them is not worth the price of real estate that it laid claim to. So, all in all, 7 games said good-bye to our family today.

Along with all those games, went several other things that had been sitting around waiting for someone to attend them: a lamp, some books, toys, shoes, clothes. While I was at it, I sent the high-chair out to the storage shed. I decided to keep it but get it out of my sight. I just didn't need the reminder.

This is just the tip of my iceberg, but at least I got rid of the tip!

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Chile said...

Flat surfaces do seem to be magnets for paper. Why is that?! I'm still working on getting that under control, so I'm impressed you dealt with it and other things as well. Good job!