Sunday, July 27, 2008

Five Months Until Christmas......

Have you started shopping yet?

In January I challenged myself (and anyone who wanted to join in) to buy as much as possible from clearance rack/shelves/bins. I have found some wonderful things, and I slowly add to my list as I luck upon sales and specials.

As I was shopping at Wal-Mart on Friday, they announce that the clearance racks in certain department were half-off. One of those was the little girl's section, and I thought maybe I could get a couple of shirts for Hannah for school. Luckily, I found jeans and long sleeve shirts, too, so off to the Christmas closet they went.

Even if you aren't doing Christmas from clearance, have you started shopping yet? Where are you finding good deals?


Meredith said...

That is my goal for the week. I've ordered a couple things from Amazon (with a gift cert) but plan to haunt the Target's toy aisles nearby until they go 75% off.

Lib said...

I am about finished with my shopping.I have bought several items started in Jan. I make alot of items also.Never too early to start!
Have a great wk.

Tracy-Jayne said...

I started collecting gifts for my kids in March and am also starting on some home-made goodies for them out of odds and ends of yarn and fabric I already have.

As from last year we decided to only give gifts to the children, each other and those we really want to and only if we find something we really want to give. We refuse to buy gifts for the sake of giving a gift any longer. This saved us LOTS of money and we felt much better giving a small donation to charity in the name of the family instead of the painful experience of buying or making them something they wouldn't like or that we couldn't rightly afford. That isn't what the spirit of Christmas should be.

texasmcvays said...

I have started shopping for Christmas. I have found great deals at Wal-Mart (We went to a homestead heritage farm and my middle child fell in love with the potter wheel) kids pottery wheel kit ($4 reduced from something like $15!), a Little Mommy stroller that looks brand new at Goodwill, Horses at a 2nd hand store, Scarfs at $1 store, Someone gave me shimmer lotion great gift for my 10 year old...I love this! I think I've maybe spent $10 and I have about 1/4 of my shopping done and I keep Christmas money on me at all times just in case! Thanks Kyle