Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Moral Envy

Challenges are popping up everywhere. I see it on all my favorite blogs. Hey, I even have a couple myself. But lately I have experienced something I am not too happy about -- moral envy.

My challenges were proposed to save money. But the wonderful ones I see on other blogs are more inspirational. "Eat Local", "Buy Handmade", "No Shopping", "Energy Reducing". They not only benefit their immediate household, but those of others, as well.

I wish I could do some of these things, but I cannot figure out how to fit these wonderful ideas into my ever-shrinking budget. We are basically to the point where we only buy 1/2 gallon of milk every 10 days or so. Sometimes we even skip a week, so we are generally down to one gallon a month.

I guess, in a way, I do get to eat local produce, without shopping -- through the generosity of friends and family with over abundant gardens. However, I cannot plan a week's worth of meals on squash and tomatoes.

Envy may not be the right word, because I loudly applaud all of you who commit to these inspiring ideas. And, if you wanna share how to do that on my budget, sign me up! Except for the non-shopping one -- I just can't let go of that one.


Lib said...

I think tough times has hit everyone! I don't know if this will help with milk ,When we had several Foster Children I would buy whole milk and powdered milk pour 1/2 whole milk into another jug mix and pour powered milk .you get 2 gallon instead of 1.I always used whoile milk gives more milk taste and less powdered milk.
I find its easier when the kids are grown to live on less, it can be done with kids but easier for us with them grown.
When we go out (in car) we try to do as much as possible per trip.
We buy mostly specials .We buy bulk and by the case, as well as can,freeze,dry food. I'm not big on soft drinks but Dh is , we're making more iced tea, and even koolaid.
Seems to me you do a great job on your shopping etc. Slowly I'm reading ever post of yours ,I really enjoy your blog.One of my biggest adjustments was not going out for fun things and staying home, we didn't go daily ,board games, potlucks, bird watching has helped. Hope these few ideas has helped.
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on that it is hard financially to be green, buy local,homemade, etc. Not everyone can or have local farmers market or able to grow their own or even the $$ to do so. Good stewardship comes from what you already have, what is available, and what you are able to do with it. Moral envy knows no tries to steal anyone's joy by comparing yours with their's. Moral envy is another avenue for commercialism, even when is used for the good of man & earth...moral envy pits one against another...moral envy affects your spirit. Destroy moral envy by doing the best you can, with what you have to work with.
I know, for I had to learn this lesson!
Being thankful in Oregon,

Molly said...


I was just thinking about this today. I was talking to my mom about shopping at farmers markets and looking into a farm share but they are way more expensive than going to the produce outlet. So what's a girl to do? Support local farmers (which I would love to do) or stay within my food budget (which I HAVE to do).

Oh... Have you tried dry milk? If your family doesn't like the taste mix it with the half gallon of "real" milk and it will help to stretch it.

Sheree said...

My kids won't touch powdered milk in its straight form, even mixed with whole milk. What I do is make it a little differently and they love it. I mix it with a bit of brown sugar and vanilla and that masks the "powdery" taste and they love it when its ice cold. I don't add enough sugar for it to be considered a "sweet" treat but just enough to give it a flavor that they will drink. HTH.

Anonymous said...


For what its worth remember you always have friends to stand behind you to support you during your rough times in life!! Hang in there and find the strength to get through these times!!

I don't think you are the only one going through rough times with the economy the way it is! I too have found myself taking my budget and getting it even tighter to try and make ends meet.

I don't know if this is in your area but have you tried I have used them and love the boxes we get! Its very reasonable prices for great food!!

Hang in there and keep blogging I love to read what your up too!!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog by accident & liked what I read.

We have four kids & it's hard to make ends meet. I make sure they have milk but we've had to drastically reduce our intake, too. Maybe we should get a cow?!?!!? :)

I do the best with what money I have, buy what I can with the budget I have. That's all any Mom can do.

nessatxmom said...

I really relate to this. I'd love to do things differently, but we just can't afford to. You are not the only one Sweetie!