Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pink Paradise

Bre is the girliest girl you could ever imagine.
All pink clothes - check.
Manis and pedis (even if mom is the beauty cooridinator) - check.
Sparkles and glitter -- she's your girl.

So, since she has now turned the magic number 9 (half-way to being an adult ya know), it was time for her first fully decorated room. She has lived with a mish-mash of furniture and cast-offs from every other room for her whole life. Now it was her turn.

Her formerly jade walls were turned into pop-princess pink, with hand painted matching gerber daisies at the top for a border. The paint was left over baby pink from my bathroom along with some bright red (from my best friend's paint stash) mixed in until the color was just perfect for her. The white paint was left overs from other projects in my own stash. The furniture was transformed with cream paint also from the same stash. The yellow centers for the flowers were the only purchased paint for the entire project. Paint -- 50 cents.

The curtains were a pair of sheers from half price Goodwill day. I found some sparkly beads on a wire at Walmart on clearance for $1 each and bought 5 strings. The flowers at the top were found in the remnants bin on the same trip to WM, in a ziplock bag marked 50 cents. We hung the sheers, then took the bead and wrapped them around the curtain rod and wrapped them around a broom stick to get the curly effect. We thumb-tacked the flowers at the top of the window treatment. Curtains -- $7.50.

Her canopy was a dream. She loved the little girls' room in The Holiday, with their beautiful tent. All of the fabric for her tent was a birthday gift from my best friend, and with 20 yards of fabric, some cuphooks and fishing line and a LOT of draping and fuss, she has a pretty princess canopy. On the wall inside is a big kite that looks like a fairy. Canopy -- a wonderful gift.
The only other cost was a new wicker bookshelf and a small side table, both found on our yearly Hwy 20 yard sale experience. I found a beautiful 6-foot tall wicker bookshelf in perfect condition for $10 and a side table for her bed found for $4. I also found a pretty floral rug for $1. So many yard sales, so little time. But we found what we went after. All the rest of the furniture in her room was already hers. A simple desk got a new coat of paint and the handles got into the theme with more gerber daisies. Furnishings -- $15.

Stylish room perfect for a pretty pink princess -- $23.
Princess satisifaction level -- millions.
For more frugal ideas visit Crystal over at Biblical Womanhood and Tara at Not So Perfect.


Anonymous said...

So cute!!! Nice work!

Sonshine said...

Very cute! Jotting down some of those ideas for when my girlie girl can have her own room. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

How beautiful! What a lucky girl

Tara said...

Oh I love this room!!! It is soo pretty!! I can't believe you were able to do this whole room for so little!! Thanks for the inspiration and ideas!

Thanks for linking to my blog too.. I appreciate it! :)