Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wall Washing Wonder

Off the bat I have to admit -- we are still smokers. Try as I may, I cannot give up this habit. I have come to terms with it. The only thing I cannot come to terms with is what it does to my walls (yeah, I know, my lungs probably look worse, but I don't have to wake up to see them every morning.)

I have tried a dozen ways to find the absolute easiest way to wash walls. I have tried the Swiffer (which worked pretty well), the old fashioned rag method, even a sponge mop. The other day, I noticed DH's terry-cloth car washing mitt. (These are easy to find and dirt cheap.)

So, I set off to try it. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! The heavens sang, as without soap, only the mitt wet down with water, it wiped every thing off so very easily, and in record time. Yes, my friends, it cleaned cigarette smoke tinged walls beautifully. If it will work on my walls, it will work on any walls.
I was happy to figure out a multi-use for a unitasker. Since it is washable, I have been using it for dusting, washing down any big items, even cabinets and large appliances. It soooooo worked for me.

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Six in the Country


Julie From Inmates said...

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. Sounds like you found a really cool WFMW solution to your wall problem. I love to find something new!!! =)

Blue Castle said...

This may be the solution I've been searching for. I need a good all-around dusting, washing solution. I'm going to get one today. Thank you so much for sharing.....and for stopping by today. :)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I am reading a book by Malcolm Gladwell called The Tipping Point - great book - and last night I read his whole chapter on why people smoke. It was fascinating - basically people like you who get addicted have a genetic component that makes you "need" nicotine more than other people - anyway. He mentioned that there is a drug that causes all the dopamine etc in smokers' brains to be satisfied so that they don't even want it. It is an anti-depressant, this is one of the unexpected side effects of it. I was reading it and wondering, so why don't they prescribe it to smokers?

Anyhow...you might be interested in that chapter.


Nessa said...

Oh girl, I had quit for six months, then started again for a week! DH freaked out and made me quit again. It's been almost a week and I'm climbing the walls!

Anyway, glad you found a good solution to the dingy wall problem. It drove me nuts because nothing worked very well. Thanks for sharing!