Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trio of Thanksgivings

We made it back safely from a few days with my sister. I love, love, love spending time with her. There are no pretensions. There is no bickering. It is just our core four, her and her sweetie. We cook only the things we truly love, nothing there just for tradition. After our lovely time with her, we scuttled back home to go to my mother's late yesterday afternoon for the second of our trio to Thanksgivings.

This is where the relaxing weekend ends. Amongst family you only see once a year, there is always an air of "it's for tradition." Why does it HAVE to be tradition? Do we really need 10 desserts? Pick 2 or 3 that everyone loves or -- sacre bleu -- only one! There is no real reason for such an overabundance other than "But we always do it this way."
Today we will head over to my in-laws house. (This is the point where I am sooooo very grateful that none of my family -- with the exception of my lovely baby sister -- reads my blog, ever.) The idea of going already makes my right eye tick. I try my best not to expose my kiddos to bad influences. This is nearly impossible when your sister-in-law has four children who act like wild monkeys. One is so hateful you can't even get a normal "Hello" out of her, another so wrapped up in her looks that she spends more time in the mirror than Suzanne Sugarbaker, the third kiddo has an attitude that makes 9 going on 39 a whole new meaning. And then there is the boy. . .

Gracious me.

Me and my girls spend a lot of time in the corner with a book or game or something. I don't run into the kitchen trying to help every two minutes. I am the newest member of this family, I know my place is not in the kitchen. (I have never cooked a meal there in the 7 years we have been married.) This particular dinner is the longest. First there is the eating. Then we have to play board games. Next we all sing Christmas Carols. Next we have to put up the tree. Lastly we have to open "Thanksgiving Gifts" which is just a little something to let the kids know that gifts will be abudant in the coming weeks. All total, it takes about 8 hours to complete the festivities.

I figure there are three kinds of holiday dinners: The fun one, the happy medium, and the migraine one. I get to partake in all three. Yay me!

Six in the Country


Firefly said...

Glad you had nice Thanksgiving :)

Lots of food, I think we all over do it for holidays (I really don't know why) We had like 2 cakes 3 pies, I don't even know how many kinds of cookies it's crazy LOL)

Christina Lee said...

OMG, my head exploded just reading this. I don't think I'd be able to do the 8 hour long visit like you do-and gifts and tree too??????? I would slit my wrists :) :)
ok but I'm paranoid now for you-are you sure family doesn't read this?

I live...therefore I consume. said...

I must know what that yummy pie is and how soon I can make one just like it! mmmmmm

Gina @ Six in the Country said...

That's a chess pie. No good southern celebration is complete without a chess pie!

Maria Rose said...

My hubby and I decided the best way out of Thanksgiving crazies is to hold it at our house.