Sunday, November 30, 2008

Five Meals for Under $3

Monday -- Baked Potatoes
Pototoes -- 75 cents (4 meals @ $2.99/bag)
Country ham -- 50 cents (8 meals @ $4/bag -- we use end cuts, which is bought in a 5/$19.99 deal)
Cheese -- 12 cents (1/4 bag bought with coupons for 50 cents a bag)
Margarine -- 8 cents (1/2 stick @ 4 sticks for 58 cents)
Sour Cream -- 25 cents (4 meals @ 99 cents/tub)
Meal Total -- $1.70

Tuesday -- Soft Tacos/Loaded Nachos (Depending on what the person wants)
Tortillas -- 50 cents (2 meals @ 99 cents/bag)
Ground Beef -- $1 (4 meals @ $4 a pack, bought in same 5/$19.99 deal as ham)
Cheese -- 25 cents (1/2 bag @ 50 cents/bag, bought with coupons)
Sour Cream -- 25 cents (4 meals @ 99 cents/tub)
Tomatoes -- 50 cents (4 pack/$1)
Salsa -- 25 cents (4 meals @ 99 cents/jar)
Meal Total -- $2.75

Wednesday -- Loaded Potato Chowder
Potatoes (already cooked on Monday) -- 75 cents (4 meals @ $2.99/bag)
Cheese -- 25 cents (2 meals @ 50 cents a bag, bought with coupons)
Sour Cream -- 25 cents (4 meals @ 99 cents/tub)
Margarine -- 15 cents (whole stick at 58 cents/box of four)
Milk -- 25 cents (1 cup @ $1.99 half gallon)
Meal Total -- $1.60

Thursday -- Country Fried Steak
Minute Steaks -- Free (gift from friend)
Flour & Spices -- Maybe 10 cents (this is completely a guess -- but it can't be more than that)
Sweet Peas -- 33 cents (1 can from Aldi's)
Potatoes -- 10 cents (instant package, bought with coupon)
Meal Total -- 53 cents (this would be much higher if not for the free steaks, but you can still stay under $3 even with buying them.)

Friday -- BBQ Wraps
2 cups shredded chicken -- 50 cents ($3.90/10 lb bag, cooked and shredded)
BBQ Sauce -- 10 cents (only tax, bought with coupon)
Tortillas -- 50 cents (2 meals @ 99 cents/bag)
Baked Beans -- 25 cents (1 big can, bought with coupon)
Meal Total -- $1.35

Potatoes are a cheap way for us to get a couple of dinner & lunch meals for a couple of dollars each. A 5 lb. bag of potatoes will give us two meals, with left overs for lunches. The first night we always have baked potatoes, which Lala always starts baking when she gets home so they are finished when I get off work. I figure that four meals for $3 is a good deal.

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Firefly said...

Sounds good to me :)

Susan said...

You are a girl after my own heart ... I love frugal meals. Thanks for the cost breakdown! I will be trying some of these.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love baked potatoes...and even more when I think about how great they are for inexpensive meals!

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Great meal ideas on a budget! If only I could get organized and plan our meals for the week, I would be so happy! Thanks for stopping by to see my Turkey Day table setting!

Rona's Home Page said...

Potatoes are very economical. But because my husband is a diabetic I have to use the red potato. And those are a bit more expensive. I still enjoy making meals with the red ones.
Ham and Potato Cassorole is one of my favorites for using ham leftovers.

DESJ and Company said...

OMG! You are sooo thrifty :)
Excellent meals. Unfortunately I keep kosher so the cost of meat, chicken, and cheese is through the roof-if I get ground beef for under $4/pound I'm thrilled. A bag of cheese for $2.50 is a steal :(

Sonshine said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! :)

OH, I also am grabbing your code for the Merry Christmas button! :) My hubby got a lapel pin to wear with the same saying on it. :)

Libby@ My Thrifty Victorian HOme said...

I also love the Merry Christmas button! Looks like some deliciously hearty meals for not much money. You just have to love that! Especially when you are serving a big family (although I only have 1 far...);)

Brooke said...

potato soup is a perfect freezer meal too. saving $$$ as an easy lunch.

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