Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wishing for a Winter Wonderland

I miss snow. I remember winters when I was a child, they were filled with snow and beautiful winter scenes. Living in the country meant that getting to town was no fun, but we were secluded at home, just the family and loving the time we spent together. It was like my own personal story straight out of Little House on the Prairie.

We have not had snow like that in over 10 years, not one that any of my children can remember anyways. There is just something breathtaking about seeing our home surrounded by snow. The sight of seeing the creek and waterfall snuggled up to a white blanket is simply breathtaking.
Call it global warming, weather cycles, wacky weather.....whatever. I just miss it and hope it comes back before I am too old to go out and pummel my sweet family with snowballs!
What is your holiday wish?

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Dana said...

I'm not really wishing for snow--or maybe I am...

I grew up in the country too. We would have snows that kept us in for weeks, or so it seemed. Thing is, I remember those as good times. School was always cancelled and there was plenty to do with my siblings and cousins who lived next door.

Now, when the weather starts to turn cooler, I start mentally preparing for our winters and the snows that are possible. I like the feeling of being prepared and want my girls to have fun, fond memories of being "snowed in". (I used to think of it as our own "Little House on the Prairie" too!)

I say I don't like snow, but think I secretly do. We had 1" of it last night and I woke up feeling a bit disappointed.

I know I didn't answer your question, but your post brought back fond memories for me!